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E.T Toolbox is here!

Following The Grand Finale, now you have a chance to get all of the proprietary emini.today web tools source code/formulas for your Excel, Sierrachart and Thinkorswim.

You will no longer be dependent on a monthly subscription plan or emini terminal down-time.

Having the know-how will allow you to develop even better versions and iterations of the tools.

What's in the box?

- Volatility Cycle aka Atari Predictor

Cought every single major bottom and most of highs last few years on SP500. Based on proprietary volatility model. (Sierrachart studies and chartbook + video)

- Options Sentiment

Sentiment is not a simple call/put ratio! It's "a bit" more complicated than that. Get your excel/thinkorswim to calculate it properly. (automated excel+thinkorswim + video)

- Dealer's Pain Levels

Many people think that high OI strikes are a good level of support/resistance. Well, actually this is not true. I will prove this to you and offer more reasonable way to calculate dealer's pain prices which often provide "to the tick" opportunities. (thinkorswim script + video)

- Exploiting Alternative Option Pricing Models

Couple of option strategies based around alternative pricing model. (excel + video)

- Midterm/Longterm Asset Managers Positioning

Some of the older tools from COTrt times. Calculate estimated COT positioning in real-time + some other metrics known from my google spreadsheets. (excel + video)

- Global Macro Scoring Model

Economic data scoring formula which helps to gauge macro sentiment. (excel + video)

Same as with The Grand Finale, initial price for E.T Toolbox is $444.44 - it will be doubled after first 44 purchases.

All files and videos will be published this September, starting with Volatility Cycle on 9.21.2022.

Full version of TGF


– All of the TradingView studies for life (including fractals and macro studies)

– Intraday timing strategies

– Unique Price/Volume/Profile process + scripts/chartbook 

– Macro+Fractal Mid/Long Term Strategies

– Access to TGF Discord discussion group

Price/Volume/Profile process


Whole part of The Grand Finale:
Unique Price/Volume/Profile process explained

– TradingView pinescript source code

– Sierrachart files



Emini.Today Tools

Market Scanner

Intraday Opportunity Scanner checks for high quality setups on major futures markets. It is based on a proprietary Volatility/Time Fractal model.

US Macro vs. SPX

Fundamental analysis based on economic data served in a simple and straight-forward way. Combine your technical analysis with quantified macro view.

emini S&P Orderbook

Filtered and auto-processed data from ES orderbook shows significant levels of support/resistance/magnets. 

Volatility Analysis

End of Day metrics of volatility with actionable markers.

Automated Strategy

Version 2.0 of algo for sierrachart/mt4 platforms. Still in development/research process, now part of premium package.



Discord chat rooms where traders discuss markets, setups, ask questions and learn.

The only analysis you need

Most trading tools are marketed as "great" but there is usually a catch like "Use them in confluence with other techniques/strategies". Not in our case. At emini.today you get ready to trade package of strategies.

Chat and discussion board

Sometimes charts might seem confusing and not clear at first glance. That is why we have built in chat room where we talk trading and setups. We also have a lot of fun there 🙂

Trading Plan and Forecast

Trading is a game of probabilities, but the truth is most speculators don't know how to estimate their chances properly. That is why we estimate opportunities based on statistical odds.

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