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Personal draft project/timeline based around utilizing market data in daytrading + further research.

{ The Grand Finale }

25 years of research and trading experience
captured in three, separate chapters.

Well, this is it – the last part of this part of the journey. In 2022 I’ll be 44 years old. And it is time to make some changes.

I’ve been on this market for over 25 years now, providing research and services since 2016, first at cotrt.com, then emini.today. It’s been quite an adventure. I had the privilege to get to know tens of fellow traders, successful, struggling, pros, and noobies, you name it.

I still feel that there is much more to do, develop, research, and create. But the truth is, many things not related to trading were in the background for all these years. And I feel it’s time to change personal priorities.

During these last few years, I have spent on average 5 hours every day coding, as a support desk, talking to people, helping set things up, answering DMs, and updating data. At least five more hours researching, learning, and trading in-between. For years, my typical day was like minimum ten hours related to markets and at the screen. And I’m not writing this to say that I’ve had enough. On the contrary, I still love this job, and I have a lot of passion left. I guess it won’t surprise you that my personal life got hit quite hard during all these years. But it was kind of agreed on by both sides.

Long story short, I need to refocus and rearrange priorities. I actually started to work on this “project” in 2021. As you imagine, it’s not a simple task that happens with a snap of fingers. I have already changed a lot, trading schedule/strategies, research/development, and overall social media engagement regarding markets. I guess it is working well, and I feel good about how things are going; more time for my closest ones and my band – 12 years, and we still haven’t had a proper tour 🙂

So, what about emini.today? As you know, this was never a large-scale project. It’s rather small quant shop as I like to look at it. And also, the group of users is relatively limited and stable in the sense of numbers. Since I planned to reduce the amount of my engagement, I want to assure you that most of the current services are still there for you. There will be minor changes, but I hope they won’t be deal-breakers.

Since I stopped writing my daily profile analysis, I promised you that I would share the whole process and know-how with you at some point. Also, after a few conversations, I decided to let you have even more of the knowledge and tools for life license. So not only knowledge but also studies. This way, I hope to break free from a large chunk of current duties. And most importantly, you will be able to rely only on yourself, which can be quite liberating. I do understand that I will loose some of the subscribers this way but that is ok. Emini.Today was never meant to make me financially independent. It helped a lot in multiple periods of time to maintain data/tech. infrastructure though.

So what is the grand finale? Well, it is the complete process (divided in three parts) I am using currently laid out for you in detail. From intraday to mid term and long term. With studies’ licenses for life. So whatever happens to emini in the future, you are safe.

Thank you again and Good Luck!

TGF Trader

Gain deeper understanding how the market operates from intraday to swing timeframes. Be prepared for everyday action with easy-to-do trading plan.

Set of unique tools (license for life) and strategies for intraday and swing trading exploiting orderflow, fractal geometry and macro data + access to discord community.

  • All of the TradingView studies for life (including fractals and macro studies)
  • Intraday timing strategies
  • Unique Price/Volume/Profile process + scripts/chartbook
  • Macro+Fractal Mid/Long Term Strategies
  • Access to TGF Discord discussion group

Emini.Today Toolbox

Boost your trading edge with models and methods based on options market data, internals, volatility and macro. 

Proprietary source codes, excel spreadsheets, data and models which until now were only available as web-tools on emini.today. Now you can own it for yourself, understand how they work and develope even further. 

  • Volatility Cycle aka Atari Predictor
  • Proprietary option sentiment formula
  • Dealer’s pain levels
  • Realtime COT report estimation (midterm/longterm managers positioning)
  • Global Macro scoring formula

The Wealth Cycle

Maybe the most important part of the three. Why? Because it is relevant not only to traders/investors. Everyone should be aware. 

No matter what you do for a living, you are in the system. Economic, monetary, political – you name it. If you don’t understand its key components and how it relates to everything around us, you will struggle to generate and protect your wealth. 

The answers are right infront of your eyes, but you are constantly forced to look the other way.


{ E.T Terminal & TradingView Studies }

Access unique trading tools through web terminal and TradingView studies with single, monthly subscription plan.

Options Analysis

Available in web terminal.

One of the most powerful tools for SP500 traders. Proprietary sentiment indicator and dealer’s barrier/hedging levels which can be exploited as great entry/exit points. 


Available in web terminal. 

Filtered and auto-processed data from ES orderbook shows significant levels of support/resistance/magnets. 

Market Scanners

Available in web terminal. 

Opportunity Scanner checks for high quality setups on major futures markets. It is based on a proprietary Volatility/Time/Price Fractal model.

Fractal Studies

Tradingview studies.

Proprietary short/mid/long term studies of time/volatility/price math used as patterns, support and resistance. Can be used on any tradable instrument there is.

Macro Studies

Tradingview Studies. 

Fundamental analysis based on economic data served in a simple and straight-forward way. Combine your technical analysis with quantified macro view.

Discord Community

Contact ignac.mostovic@gmail to get access.

Discord chat rooms where traders discuss markets, setups, ask questions and learn.

{ mostovic.substack.com }

My personal draft project/timeline based around utilizing market data in daytrading + further research.

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