Futures and Options

Mapping Probabilities (blackjack style)

Second part,
American Cycle
is released! 

American Cycle
and The Wealth Cycle

Unveiling the Driving Force Behind Trends in the Stock Market, Gold, the Dollar, as well as Major Economic, Political, Social, and Cultural Shifts in the USA.

The intricacy of market dynamics often obscures the underlying patterns, largely due to the unequal time intervals between peaks and troughs. However, upon discerning the causality, the picture becomes clear.

This exploration transcends mere market oscillations, extending to grand bull phases and prolonged stagnations, which now can be anticipated with a newfound rationale. The interplay of wars, scientific advancements, technological innovations, and cultural shifts intricately intertwine, operating in a timely orchestration. The forces at play, elucidated in this series, unveil a remarkable order amidst apparent chaos.

The most powerful
options flow analysis
tool out there. 

Web Based Intraday Tools and TradingView studies

Craft a high-performance intraday strategy using unique trading tools, effortlessly accessible through a web browser and TradingView studies.

A suite of tools readily integrable into any intraday strategy or capable of forming the foundation for a standalone one.

Their primary function is to signal sentiment shifts and identify potential session highs and lows with precision and accuracy.

Python Source
Code Included

Options Dealers, Macro and Positioning Dashboard

A Suite of User-Friendly Python Scripts to Uncover Major Flows in the SPX Universe.

The Dashboard facilitates a seamless and effortless examination of three pivotal trends in crucial flows within the SPX: Macro, Options, and Positioning. All models are founded on proprietary research, now rendered in open-source Python code.

In addition to providing analysis, the scripts monitor the performance of model strategies, which can be fine-tuned and further developed to suit individual trading objectives.

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My personal draft project/timeline based around utilizing market data in daytrading + further research.

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