Futures and Options

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My personal draft project/timeline based around utilizing market data in daytrading + further research.

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Access unique trading tools through web terminal and TradingView studies with single, monthly subscription plan.

Options Analysis

Available in web terminal.

One of the most powerful tools for SP500 traders. Proprietary sentiment indicator and dealer’s barrier/hedging levels which can be exploited as great entry/exit points. 


Available in web terminal. 

Filtered and auto-processed data from ES orderbook shows significant levels of support/resistance/magnets. 

Market Scanners

Available in web terminal. 

Opportunity Scanner checks for high quality setups on major futures markets. It is based on a proprietary Volatility/Time/Price Fractal model.

Fractal Studies

Tradingview studies.

Proprietary short/mid/long term studies of time/volatility/price math used as patterns, support and resistance. Can be used on any tradable instrument there is.

Macro Studies

Tradingview Studies. 

Fundamental analysis based on economic data served in a simple and straight-forward way. Combine your technical analysis with quantified macro view.

Discord Community

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Discord chat rooms where traders discuss markets, setups, ask questions and learn.

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