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Free Options Flow™ tool!

Options Flow tool is designed to help understand what is the present sentiment in the options market. It searches for specific patterns and trades, records it and groups as positive or negative (bullish or bearish).

Strategic aproach to Orderflow

Reading tape is a powerful skill… which is not easy to obtain. Our order/transaction flow algorithm helps to identify overall structure and sentiment with no hassle + ready to use strategies.

Track valuable data

Many futures traders base their analyses on price/volume data of the product they trade. What they are missing is the fact that instruments like ES are part of the group of inter-related stocks, options and other futures.

Global Macro Portfolio

With monthly subscription plan, you get access to COTrt Pro portfolio module, where you can track in realtime, solely macro based strategy. It’s 100% mechanical, no technical analysis involved.


This strategy is perfect for investors who don’t operate in short time frames. Changes in position structure are usually just 1-2 times a month and never during regular session so you have lot of time to react.

After two years of extensive research, we now have a lot of confidence in this model as it made through covid-19 crisis relatively easy and is making steady, low volatility returns as expected.

/Chart is refreshed in realtime

The only analysis you need

Most trading tools are marketed as "great" but there is usually a catch like "Use them in confluence with other techniques/strategies". Not in our case. At emini.today you get ready to trade package of strategies.

Chat and discussion board

Sometimes charts might seem confusing and not clear at first glance. That is why we have built in chat room where we talk trading and setups. We also have a lot of fun there 🙂

Trading Plan and Forecast

Trading is a game of probabilities, but the truth is most speculators don't know how to estimate their chances properly. That is why we estimate opportunities based on statistical odds.

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Market Profile 22/09/2021

Analysis: Structure is still bearish and that close is not optimistic for bulls. I have added a minor resistance which will serve as a short opportunity. Options close is neutral – despite bullish flow dot we have extreme bearish sentiment. Strategy Status:Trend following: short 4408 (Sept. 17)Pattern: minor resistance/key resistance Other Markets (updated around 18-19 […]

Market Profile 21/09/2021

Analysis: Structure is still bearish and BTFD zone which worked so nicely last months was heavily breached. We have a new key resistance. That means there is still a chance of further decline – I drew one more possible BTFD zone in 4220(ish) – its the one below which there might be a panic on […]

Vanna/Charm model

Coming in 2021

SPX Midterm Analysis

Access through google sheet (realtime)

Global Macro Portfolio

Access through google sheet (realtime)

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