TGF Trader

Intraday Part

1. Time as the key factor. (Video)
Most traders I know have no idea that TIME factor is far more critical than price/volume analysis. You might expect which price is potentially a good spot to trade, but do you know when to perform a transaction? Each market has its distinct time rhythm, and you need to be aware of it.

2. Exploiting fractal geometry and time factor on US Index Futures. (Video + TradingView Short-Term Fractal study license for life)
A daily routine using just three components – time, price and value – gives you multiple opportunities every session, in specific time windows. Unfortunately, you are glued to the monitor because you don’t know when to be max-focused and when to let it go because of the diminishing edge.

3. Steps to get you from theory to practice – developing your day-trading business. (Video)
Even with the best process in place, you can still suck as a daytrader. Exercises to deal with cutting winners, holding losses, obtaining max focus when needed, and managing your TIME. This is not some psychological/mental coaching, just a few simple tricks that helped me a lot, and you should probably try it too.

Market Profile Part (Video + Sierra Cht files)
Things that orderflow furus “forgot” to tell you about profiles.
As mentioned, I stopped publishing my profile analysis, and this is your opportunity to learn the same process I used in my daily profile analysis.
– Bullish/Bearish patterns
– Key support/resistance
– Minor support/resistance
– RTH pivot
+ proper way to use VWAP/HVN/VPOC

MidTerm and LongTerm Part 

1. Macro + Fractal Geometry (Video + TradingView Emini.Today Macro study + MidTerm Fractal study license for life)
Although it is pretty straightforward, I explain my approach to entries, exits, and scaling.

2. Long Term Bond Yield Curve Model + Fractal Geometry (Video + all needed studies for TradingView life license).

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