Market Profile 19/08/2021

So it apears that “odd” bearish pattern wasn`t that odd after all. It makes me rethink this pattern and reasearch it a bit more as there might be some details which I might have missed and it would point to treat this as a regular bearish/bullish pattern.
Anyway as advised I was going to play it safely (smaller size) and took a loss on that one.
Now profile is in a bearish structure with new bearish key resistance, question is which one was initial pattern, that odd one or todays one? If we treat present session pattern as initial then we have two potential entries. Again, I will trade it safely with less size as this sequence of patterns is not well researched it seems.

Strategy Status:
Trend following: short 4390 (Aug 19)
Pattern: low prob. short entry, key resistance entry.

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