$BTC Guide for Investors and Speculators

Big Picture

  • Bitcoin cyclicality explained
  • A common “bug” in Halving Cycle and how to fix it
  • Price cyclicality based on proprietary fractal math

In this section, we will explore a broader perspective on Bitcoin’s cyclicality in terms of both price and time. We will utilize an improved time cycle in conjunction with the price cycle, which seems to be the foundation upon which we can interpret Bitcoin’s behavior over the past years and the years to come.

The tools included in this section are yours to keep forever, consisting of a spreadsheet, a time cycle indicator, and a Bitcoin-specific price fractal for TradingView.

Price Fractal + Time Cyclicality for TradingView studies.

BTC-specific Orderflow Analysis for Short-Term Trading

  • Correct profiling of BTC supply-demand with orderflow tools
  • Identifying short-term imbalances to locate trapped buyers and sellers
  • Searching for “strong hands” in orderflow

Bitcoin is often considered a purely technical market. This perspective makes sense due to its minimal correlation with fundamental data.

The main factor influencing short-term crypto price behavior is pure supply and demand. In this segment, we will delve into techniques specifically optimized for the BTC market.

The tools you will receive for permanent use include chartbooks for Sierra Chart. Additionally, for those users who solely utilize TradingView, I will provide a setup for profiling on that platform.

Correct form of BTC profiling on Sierrachart platform

As usual, this offer is limited to the first 44 users. The complete set of materials will be presented by the end of March 2024.