Dealers Dashboard

Macro and Positioning Module

  • Automated End of Day analysis based on economic events calendar
  • Predictive model for gauging large speculators’ positioning
  • Two core strategies with auto-generated signals
  • Multiple metrics presented in a straightforward and easy to read form
  • Complete Python source code

Macro and Positioning Dashboard Overview
with strategy signals and metrics

A proprietary model, meticulously developed and refined over a span of over five years, now stands as a cutting-edge and comprehensive tool.

In a harmonious blend of simplicity and efficiency, what traditionally demanded extensive analysis can be updated once a day with freely accessible data from the web, enabling insightful assessments at a glance.

When paired with the Options Dealers module, this model precisely identifies lucrative swing trading opportunities with a high degree of accuracy and confidence.

One of the strategies in Option Dealers module

Option Dealers Module

  • Automated End of Day analysis based on SPX options flows
  • Options flow momentum
  • Dealers impact on the market
  • Regime and Inventory changes
  • Strategies with auto-generated signals
  • Complete Python source code

Unique model, coded in Python (open source code), designed to gauge the most likely impact of option dealers on the market.

This model endeavors to assess the overall inventory of market makers, the momentum of flows, along with several other crucial metrics derived from freely available CBOE SPX options data. Updating the data is a breeze, requiring a simple refresh once a day.

Option Dealers Dashboard Overview

Additionally, this module generates a TradingView study code featuring an Options Profile, seamlessly integrating with your TradingView templates and charts. This eliminates the need for manual levels drawing, offering a user-friendly interface for your market analysis.

What’s included:

  • Tutorial videos
  • Historical data
  • Python scripts
  • Dedicated Discord Channel
  • +2 hours of explainer videos (comming this fall)

*Complete set of materials will be released from September 2023 until October 2023

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