Short term Options Analysis for Sierrachart and Ninjatrader

Culmination of research on the impact of the options market on futures in short term time frame.

Options Analysis for Sierrachart and Ninjatrader represents the culmination of extensive research, exploration, and testing. Those familiar with my work in this domain will recognize that the options market has always been at the heart of my projects, particularly its application as a critical analytical tool.

Throughout this journey, the tools and concepts I’ve developed have continually evolved, culminating in a suite of analytical processes designed to enhance trading strategies across various time frames.

I’m aware that to the uninitiated, my work might appear overly complex or even superfluous. However, what might seem chaotic is, in fact, my personal workspace: a blend of a drafting table for incubating ideas and a sketchpad where new concepts emerge and fade with equal frequency.

It is with great enthusiasm that I introduce this new tool. It serves as both an aggregator and a filter for these myriad ideas, presenting a straightforward and direct analysis of the current options market. More importantly, it provides insights on leveraging this information for effective short-term trading.

Auto – Generated Trading Plan Study
on Sierrachart platform

The Auto-Generated Trading Plan Study is based on a mechanism that consolidates all the current tools to formulate a clear trading plan for each session. It suggests the optimal time to execute a trade, the ideal price point, and, of course, the direction of the trade. Additionally, it sets the stop loss and profit target levels.

I will explain how it operates in more detail in upcoming tutorial videos.

All currently utilized metrics under one roof.

The issue that many users have reported until now stemmed from the scattered nature of various elements of options analysis. They were spread across different locations – in the web terminal and daily threads on Substack. Additionally, there were indicators in TradingView, which in several cases required daily input due to the inability to share data with TDV.

From now on, tools such as London GEX, SPX Options Ladder, and Options Profile will have their dedicated space within individual studies on one of the chosen platforms, which everyone uses for daily analysis or trading. We are starting with SierraChart, and within a few weeks, this will also include NinjaTrader.

Now all the Emini.Today option metrics are on one platform in one place


Option dealers, as well as major participants in the options market, now have a significant impact on futures. The question is how to leverage this fact in short-term speculation. On one hand, we’re dealing with mechanisms that, given current transaction volumes, simply cannot be ignored. On the other hand, the options market itself is the most advanced gauge of sentiment.

To devise an effective strategy based on options data, knowledge of strikes with high gamma alone is not enough. A simple calculation of the engagement level between put and call options is also insufficient.

In creating a strategy based on the Auto-Generated Trading Plan study, the goal was singular. While maintaining a positive risk-reward ratio, the rules were structured to ensure that short-term speculation is both safe and effective.

Simple strategy based on Auto-Generated Trading Plan Study, following options Bias in two trade windows during ETH and RTH session.

Breaking records in 2024 together. Dedicated Discord Channel. 

Intraday trading is a challenging endeavor. Even with excellent tools, success is never guaranteed – a fact well known to anyone who has tried their hand in this field. With my years of experience working with traders, I understand that, for many, an appropriate approach to the market and overcoming personal demons are just as important as the analyses themselves. Over the years, I’ve learned that achieving goals and results is often easier in a group willing to share not only experiences but also their presence.

This year is also significant for me as it marks the end of a broad chapter of research in short-term speculation using option data. I intend to dedicate myself to maximizing the use of the knowledge I’ve gained through speculation.

Therefore, I will create a dedicated Discord channel for the first 44 traders who take advantage of the Pre-Sale promotion. When everyone is on the same page and using similar tools, intraday speculation should be easier and, I hope, much more efficient.

Currently, I’m unsure if the group will ever expand; this limit is based on my capacity to respond to private messages and engage with the group, a decision informed by my experiences with previous project phases.

Pre-Sale offer is limited to the first 44 users who will get early access to all the studies and dedicated Discord Channel. Early release will be available this January.

Other interested parties will be able to purchase a quarterly license, but not before at least March 2024,  and without the guarantee of joining the Discord group.

The reason for limiting the initial number of users remains the same as always – I’m unable to handle support for a larger group, especially in the early stages of a project like this.

Important: after purchase contact me at with your username and platform of choice.