The Great Cycles Series

Key Periods and Events Unveiled Through the Cycle in XX and XXI Century:*

  • All major tops and bottoms in the stock market, gold, and US dollar
  • Boom, bust, and stagnation periods
    in the economy
  • Market panics
  • Key war periods
  • Individual social shocks
  • Technological/scientific advancements and cultural shifts

*All the groups of events mentioned above occurred during the same phase of the cycle, which facilitates forecasting potential repetitions in the future.

This guide will illuminate the opportune moments to invest in stocks, discern the safer currencies from the volatile ones, and identify the right times to buy or sell commodities and metals. Achieving this level of financial acumen hinges on grasping a few fundamental concepts that underpin our modern economic system—a discourse seldom held openly, let alone synthesized in a manner that’s both accessible and elegant.

Along with the conceptual framework, you will receive extensive resources including over a century’s worth of historical data and Excel spreadsheets. Managing this data for future forecasts is straightforward, requiring a monthly update that can be easily performed using readily available free resources.

The cycle explored herein possesses unequal lengths, defying the common expectation of uniform time intervals typically associated with cyclical phenomena. Yet, this deviation from uniformity is not rooted in mystical numerology but grounded in contemporary scientific principles. While the approach may initially appear unorthodox, its rationale unfolds with a compelling logic as one delves deeper into the subject, shedding light on the nuanced nature of the cycles under discussion.

American Cycle of Crisis and War

This segment may very well be the most pivotal thus far. The rationale behind its significance extends beyond the circle of traders and investors; it’s relevant to anyone entwined in the vast web of the global financial system.

This is the knowledge I wish to impart to my children before they embark on their adult journeys. Their future professions—whether rooted in trading or diverging elsewhere—are irrelevant to this core understanding.
I yearn for them to navigate the financial realm with awareness rather than being blindsided by market currents. I want to equip them with the foresight to remain steadfast amidst market hysteria and to steer clear of the herd mentality that often precedes a market downturn.

The answer doesn’t lie in “all weather portfolios” or “buy and hold” investing strategies. Rather, generational wealth can be both cultivated and safeguarded by comprehending the mechanics of the financial system. 

Dow Jones Industrial Average with American Cycle
Peaks and Troughs in XX and XXI century.

What you get in the box:

  • +2 hours of videos
  • Over a decade of data
  • Ready to use excel files and charts
  • TradingView Long Term Fractal Study to pinpoint entries and exits
  • Dedicated python scripts will be published in near future
  • Eventually I plan to release extended printed version – more info in December 2023

*Complete set of materials will be released from September 2023 until October 2023