The Wealth Cycle

The last part* of The Grand Finale series is here. 

And it is a bit different this time. I believe it may actually be the most important part so far. The reason for that is I am addressing this part not only to traders and investors. Whatever your relation with the markets is, we are part of the financial machine, a global financial system.

This is what I want my children to learn before they start their adult life. I don’t know if they will ever pursue trading career, but whatever path they choose, I don’t want them to feel lost and unaware of what is going on and why it affects them. I don’t want them to be scared when there is no time to be scared, to be hyped into herd speculation when markets are about to crash.

The solution is not “all weather portfolios” or “buy and hold” investing. Generational wealth can be created and protected thanks to understanding how the machine works (not much to do with Dalio’s work, but I like the name). 

It all comes down to the few principles which I lay down in The Wealth Cycle part. It will guide you through the times when one should invest in stocks, which currencies are safe and which are not, when to buy commodities and metals and when to sell them. It all is possible if you understand few key concepts which underly modern economic system – and yet nobody talks about it openly, not to mention put it all together in a simple yet elegant manner.

You will receive all the necessary data (over 100 years of historical data) and excel spreadsheets. Maintaining the data is simple and should be done on a monthly basis using widely available free resources.

Take a look at some of the results:

The Wealth Cycle will be published on December 7th 2022.

There is a strict limit of 44 copies to be available.

You can preorder your copy now for $444.44 and be one of the 44

*You might be wondering why there is no 4th part as I am all about fours in this series. Well, FOURTH is not yet resolved and I am not entirely sure if it will ever happen. Let’s hope it will and will be shared in the future.