Swing trading Part #1

In this post I will quickly describe one of the ways to swing trade ES/SPY/SPX with emini.today tool.

Options Flow Cycle.
We expect market to turn when flow is at 1.5 or 1.0;
1.5 is for short swings, 1.0 is for long swings.
These conditions are early signs that market is about to reverse and we want to look for new swings to start developing.
We track Options Flow Cycle on https://emini.today/xoptionspage/

Volatility Bands
We want to start building our swing position when price is over-extended. For that we can use volatility bands and price structure levels which are at https://emini.today/xorderflowpage/
Adding/confirming our position may be done by orderflow dots which shows if there is significant pressure from either side.

Shorterm confirmations.
To add to a position or fine tune our entry we can use Options Sentiment and Options Levels at https://emini.today/xoptionspage/

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