Emini.Today Toolbox

Following TGF Trader module, now you have a chance to get all of the proprietary emini.today web tools' source codes/formulas for your Excel, Sierrachart and Thinkorswim.

You will no longer be dependent on a monthly subscription plan or emini terminal down-time.

– Volatility Cycle aka Atari Predictor (Sierrachart studies and chartbook + video)
Cought every single major bottom and most of highs last few years on SP500. Based on proprietary volatility model. 

– Options Sentiment (automated excel+thinkorswim + video)
Sentiment is not a simple call/put ratio! It’s “a bit” more complicated than that. Get your excel/thinkorswim to calculate it properly. 

– Dealer’s Pain Levels (Thinkorswim script + Video)
Many traders think that high OI strikes are a good level of support/resistance. Well, actually this is not true. I will prove this to you and offer more reasonable way to calculate dealer’s pain prices which often provide “to the tick” opportunities.

– Exploiting Alternative Option Pricing Models (Excel + Video)
Couple of option strategies based around alternative pricing model.

– Midterm/Longterm Asset Managers Positioning (Excel + Video)
Some of the older tools from COTrt times. Calculate estimated COT positioning in real-time + some other metrics known from my google spreadsheets.

– Global Macro Scoring Model (Excel + Video)
Economic data scoring formula which helps to gauge macro sentiment.

Example of strategy based only on MT/LT positioning:

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